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Since 2001, e3communications has been providing clients with EffEctiveE and value driven public relations, public affairs and social media strategies and services. Let us help you get started.

Our Services

Public Relations

At e3communications, we simply define public relations as how a company or organization manages relationships with its various publics. These publics can include customers, elected officials, community and civic groups, among many others. A key aspect in managing these relationships is through communicating key messaging. One of the most EffEctivE ways to do this is through the news media and increasingly through social media.

Public Affairs

We also have a rather simple definition of public affairs which is how a company or organization manages issues that can impact its operations. The public affairs services we provide our clients often converge with the various services under the public relations umbrella as there are times when we want to be pro-actively communicating to targeted publics. It takes a highly skilled and disciplined team to help clients navigate through the public policy process as these issues can be extremely sensitive and if not managed properly can spiral out of control.

Social Media

Developing an EffEctivE social media plan is more than just blasting your message out on every platform. e3communications generates value for our clients in the social media realm through EffEctivE programs designed for a wide array of social media channels. e3communications develops and implements social media campaigns by analyzing current channel activity, optimizing platforms and determining the most EffEctivE mix of content to engage target publics.

Why us?

80+ Years Experience

Offering clients a combined 80+ years of PR and PA experience.

Diverse Portfolio

Representing variety of industries from development to health care to manufacturing, legal, non-profit, higher education, retail, energy, events and more.

Simple Business Model

Focusing our services on public relations and the various disciplines under that umbrella.

Intentionally Small

Our clients never feel lost in the shuffle.

Providing Value

Maintaining the highest levels of customer service.

Strategic Planning

From being proactive to managing a crisis, e3 brings significant PR planning experience.